A proposal for The Freedom of Migration Act is presented here for public scrutiny. Please do not take even one word at face value; examine my facts and logic. Voice your opinion


Even the Nobel Prize cannot change the thinking of American lawmakers about immigration

We need to send to the world a simple message that whoever can find a job in the United...

January, 9, 2022

Jack C. Lee is wrong. Are you too?

One may ask, who is Jack C. Lee and why do I write about him? Mr. Lee is an...

July, 8, 2021

On immigration, the government is the problem

Getting the government out of micromanaging immigration is the only way to fix our current mess.

May, 17, 2021

We need a new immigration policy

Roberta Jacobson, the President’s coordinator for the southern border, is in hot water. We have a spike in illegal...

March, 25, 2021

Immigration conversation

Criticizing the U.S. Citizenship Act just introduced by the Biden administration, Sean Hannity said it is an amnesty. He...

March, 16, 2021

Migration manipulation

The 353 pages of the U.S. Citizenship Act draft offer nothing new. The proposed bill merely tweaks our faulty...

March, 12, 2021

Troubleshooting immigration

What, if instead of proposing how to fix immigration, we first troubleshoot the problem in a similar manner as...

March, 10, 2018

Immigration business

Our immigration policy asks the government to limit the freedom of enterprise of the most entrepreneurial and industrious Americans...

December, 24, 2016

Immigration impasse explained

Our immigration policy tasks the government bureaucrats to protect lazy Americans from the competition of industrious immigrants.

October, 21, 2013

Chasing illegal immigrants

My fourth open letter to Mr. Mitt Romney on immigration Dear Mr. Romney, We can effectively seal the borders....

February, 9, 2012

Why do we have illegal immigration?

My second open letter to Mr. Mitt Romney on immigration Dear Mr. Romney, Being so vocal against illegal immigration,...

February, 6, 2012

As it is. Can we reform immigration just by calling things as they are?

Heralding the upcoming legislation battle about immigration reform, in her column in the Washington Post, Tamar Jacoby gives us...

April, 28, 2010

Benefits of the failure of the immigration bill

The debate over every single provision of the recently failed immigration bill could be compared to a bus full...

July, 2, 2007