A proposal for The Freedom of Migration Act is presented here for public scrutiny. Please do not take even one word at face value; examine my facts and logic. Voice your opinion


Jack C. Lee is wrong. Are you too?

One may ask, who is Jack C. Lee and why do I write about him? Mr. Lee is an...

July, 8, 2021

The New York Times’ dance around the truth

Mr. Friedman seeks a compromise on immigration policy, ending with a pitiful conclusion that two plus two is 4.5.

June, 7, 2021

Where do open borders work?

They work within the European Union. At least to some extent. It is worth learning more about this policy...

May, 17, 2021

American hubris caused our border crisis

Democrats and Republicans talk about illegal immigration not to eliminate it but to advance their ideological agendas.

April, 22, 2021

There is no need for immigration plan B

The new administration’s U.S. Citizenship Act plan needs to be withdrawn and replaced with a bipartisan immigration reform proposal....

March, 23, 2021

The border wall is not the real problem

Our immigration law is un-American in its concept and unconstitutional. It is a major obstacle to our economy's growth.

January, 2, 2019

Roy Beck, the Accomplished Master of Deception

Twelve years ago, after watching the gumball video by Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, I granted him the title of...

December, 13, 2018

The leader of the deceived

Dear Mr. Trump, I challenge you to a duel over arguments about immigration. I am throwing the gauntlet at...

August, 24, 2015

One hundred American jobs…

…that will be lost if immigration reform will pass It is assumed that regardless of its final shape, if...

December, 13, 2013

It is editors’ fault

Why is it so hard to reach any reasonable consensus on immigration? In 2006, we failed to reform our...

August, 21, 2013

Border security, or BS for short

Something is missing in the passionately debated border security, as a part of the immigration overhaul. Advocates for increased...

June, 12, 2013

Rector’s sermon

The Heritage Foundation report alarms that it will cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion net dollars if we permit legalization of...

May, 9, 2013

Rube Goldberg immigration fix

The Gang of 8 prepared the immigration reform proposal. The intentions are noble. The proposed measures promise improvement, but...

April, 26, 2013